Theater of the Absurd is the brain child of writer/director/animator Tom McWatters. On a hot summer's night in Albany, NY,  Tom gathered in his home with his wife, Colleen and long time friend, Chris Martinez to begin work on what was to become the first 8 episodes of Theater of the Absurd; a stop motion animated series.  The 3, each with their own writing style and comedic sensibilities, soon found that they each brought a unique strength to the table. From 2010 through 2015, they worked hard to create something unique , which culminated in the Red Carpet Premiere of episode 1, The Right Nut for the Job. The series was visually designed by Tom who gave Colleen his concept art to be transformed into cut paper puppets and sets. The Absurd team spent countless hours animating The Right Nut for the Job, which premiered to a full house at Albany, NY's rock club, The Low Beat.


Since their successful premiere, they have continued to work toward the release of episode 2, Open Mike, as well as taking on several other animated projects. In 2016, they released the music video A Different Kind of Crazy Now which won the LAL's FemFest for best music video in 2018. Also in 2018, they released a music video for Jake La Botz and HiStyle Records, Hobo on a Passenger Trainthrough Billboard Magazine.


After a few tours of the film festival circuit with their early work, Tom and Colleen


officially formed McH2O, their stop motion animation studio focusing on creating


videos for hire. They have gone on to made to several music videos for Jake La Botz


among others, commercials, and short films for clients. 

Theater of the Absurd is the story of time traveling pothead projectionist, Ace McWalto, unemployed musician, Mike LeMieux, and paranoid limo driver, Paolo Pinta. Witness their absurd lives in the sometimes strange but always bizarre town of Center Square.


A sometimes small town in upstate New York that on any given day is host to roving herds of popcorn machines, karaoke sensations, botanical thievery and incredibly special appearances by unreasonable facsimiles of celebrities.

Center Square is the only town in America to have been founded by Actors.  It’s true! Many years ago, a ship full of actors, dressed in pilgrim costumes, got lost on their way to a Thanksgiving pageant.  Their boat washed up on the shores of Black Rock Lake and they decided to call it home.  Many years later, we now have Center Square, the town founded by actors.  


Speaking of actors, Theater of the Absurd is rife with celebrity guests being voiced by non-celebrities.  

Dinosaurs are pretty badass,

                                   we all  know that.”

– Dr. Ruben Goldberg