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Stop Motion Animation

If you're just starting the process of exploring animation as an option for your business, we know that can be overwhelming. Here at McH2O, we strive to give you the best quality stop motion animation with the lowest overhead to you. With animation packages starting at $2000, we will work with you to make a video that is an effective marketing tool at an affordable price. 

What we do

some options come with an additional fee*


  • Our base stop motion animation package starts at $2000 for 30 seconds of animation at 24 frames per second.

  • Price will increase based on length and complexity of the project.

  • Our base rate includes concept art and  character design with 2 revisions. There will be additional fees added for each subsequent revision.

  • Prices quoted here are guidelines for general budgeting purposes. For a personalized quote, please contact us 

*additional fees will apply
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